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Implementing the 2017 Zone 8 Rules
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NameDriver's NumberRegionYearModelColorBase PtsTire Size PtsPerf PtsTotal PtsCar ClassView Car InfoCar Info PDF
Abarca, Hugo17 Grand Prix 2015991 Carrera GTS CoupeGray60514055790CC12 / SS08 View PDF
Abbott, Jim975 San Diego 1986944White19840150388CC04 View PDF
Abbott, Jim975 San Diego 1989944 TurboWhite329140190659CC10 View PDF
Abbott, Jim975 San Diego 1983944Yellow19840201439CC05 View PDF
Abdalla, Sherif  San Diego 2011997 Carrera S Cabriolet 497     View PDF
abrams, lenny935 Other 2014991 GT3white662140115907CC14 / SS09 View PDF
Abulencia, Jason921 San Diego 2006997 Carrera 4S CabrioletGrey44413025599CC08 View PDF
Ackerman, Gary  Los Angeles 2013Panamera Sblk4280155583CC08 / SS10 View PDF
Adams, Craig35 Orange Coast 2001996 Carrera CoupeMidnight Blue Metallic4228035537CC07 View PDF
Adams, Don381/687 Riverside 2000986 Boxster SRed/Blue3737040483CC06 / SS02 View PDF
Adams, Don381/687 Riverside 1999996 Carrera CoupeBlack41611020546CC07 View PDF
Adams, Mark643 Grand Prix 1999996 Carrera CoupeWhite416100100616CC09 View PDF
Adebambo, Temi  San Diego 2006987 Boxster Black359400399CC04 / SS02 View PDF
Adelman, Greg262 Orange Coast 1986911 Turboblk3751554711001CC15 View PDF
Adelman, Greg771 San Diego 1986911 TurboBlack375150286811CC12 View PDF
Adlawan, Brian68 Santa Barbara 1994968 CabrioletBlack29380245618CC09 View PDF
Aguirre, marcela977 San Diego 2012987 Boxsterwhite3788035493CC06 / SS02 View PDF
Ahmed, Ejaz328 San Diego 2002996 TurboBlue51311020643CC09 / SS07 View PDF
Ahrari, Hooman979 San Diego 2001986 BoxsterBlue32210020442CC05 / SS01 View PDF
Airth, David90 Orange Coast 1986911 CarreraSilver27960205544CC07 View PDF
Airth, Walter711 Grand Prix 1971911 SGreen280030310CC03 View PDF
Akhavi, Amir1113 Orange Coast 2010997 GT3 RS 639130100869CC13 / SS08 View PDF
Akhavi, Amir1113 Orange Coast 2002996 TurboWhite513110230853CC13 View PDF
alavi, max710 Orange Coast 2014981 Cayman Sblack502120125737CC11 View PDF
Albrecht, Jacques121 San Diego 2011997 Carrera GTS CabrioletBlack53313075738CC11 / SS07 View PDF
Alexander, Sean956 Orange Coast 2013981 Cayman SAgate Gray502900582CC08 / SS06 View PDF
Algorri, Ernie0 San Diego 2007997 Turboblack5831405091232CC16 View PDF
Ali, Saiyed11111 San Diego 2007997 GT3Black57913080789CC12 / SS08 View PDF
Alikhan, Nauman  San Diego 2015981 Boxster GTSBlack50313020653CC10 / SS06 View PDF
Allen, Mark555 San Diego 1979911 TurboMinerva Blue3506060470CC06 View PDF
Allen, Mark555 San Diego 1966912Gulf Blue124091215CC01 View PDF
allen, rodney  San Diego 2016981 Cayman Ssilver5029025607CC09 View PDF
Alva, Juan E.310 Santa Barbara 2010997 GT3 607     View PDF
Amador, Kraig77 Orange Coast 2014991 GT3Guards Red6621802251057CC16 View PDF
Ames, Craig373 Orange Coast 2009997 GT3Red/White6072003691176CC16 View PDF
Ames, Craig373 Orange Coast 2011997 GT3 RSWhite64218085907CC14 View PDF
Amler, Adrian  Los Angeles 2006997 Carrera CoupeSilver44812040608CC09 View PDF
Andersen, Rene'16 Grand Prix 2001996 Carrera Cabriolet 394     View PDF
Andersen, Rene'16 Grand Prix 2001996 Carrera CabrioletAmethyst394800474CC06 / SS03 View PDF
Anderson, Ian54 Cal Inland 2015981 Cayman SSapphire Blue5029055647CC09 / SS06 View PDF
Anderson, Ian54 Cal Inland 2000996 Carrera CoupeArena Red422800502CC07 / SS03 View PDF
Anderson, Matt501 San Diego 2002996 TurboSeal Grey513140135788CC12 View PDF
anderson, steven14 Golden Empire 2011987 Cayman Sred/white470110320900CC14 View PDF
Anderson, Stuart199 Los Angeles 2006997 Carrera CoupeSilver4489095633CC09 View PDF
Andrews, Dan2 San Diego 2016981 Cayman GT4CARMINE RED590120120830CC13 / SS08 View PDF
Andropoulos, Chris951 Santa Barbara 1986944 TurboGrey29080170540CC07 View PDF
Ang, Roger986 Orange Coast 2002986 Boxster Sred3738070523CC07 View PDF
Ang, Roger986 Orange Coast 2002986 Boxster SRed3736090523CC07 View PDF
Anthony, Bob451 San Diego 2008997 TurboBlue58313060773CC12 / SS08 View PDF
Antonov, Dino  San Diego 2002996 Carrera CoupeSilver444140150734CC11 View PDF

The purpose of this site is to automate the calculation of points for determining the correct CC class for your Porsche and to provide a public record of that class and the factors that went into determining it. Use of this site may not apply to your car if you are not running in a CC class.

Cars with SS classes listed may be eligible to run Street Stock, depending on if and what other modifications they might have. Some cars may be eligible for Street Stock even if no SS class is listed here. Please see the zone rules for more information.

Note: While not represented in this list, female drivers are welcome to use the Ladies version of these classes